Hi there, today, on my second part of sports videos, I am going to talk about University/College Recruitment Videos.  I have had plenty of experience in this field. The first thing is filming the athlete the right way, it is not like shooting for the public eye. For recruitment videos, I always follow the player but I keep more than enough distance from the player to the action where the play can develop. Because the scouts or coaches who look at these videos everyday do not have time to analyze every move the player makes, making a recruitment video has a special feel to it.  I suggest keeping it no longer than 6 minutes (if the coach wants to see more he will ask for the full video of the game). Keep all the best plays at the beginning to catch the coaches eye.  I also add in plays that the player made a mistake on but recovered - by making a good play this shows that the player can bounce back from a mistake. Here is a soccer recruitment video to show as a example. Thanks for reading .