Sport Videography Part 1


As I am near the end of my hockey season, I want to share some ways of how to film hockey for the public eye at home.

Hi there and thanks for reading my first of several blogs I will be doing on how to film hockey. This one is titled SHOOTING HOCKEY FOR THE PUBLIC EYE.  The number one thing I see when hockey is being filmed is the location they are filming from - I am very picky on where i want to film it.  The worst thing is being in a position where the viewing eye cannot see what is going on at the end of the rink, like a goal scored, a penalty, or a good clean check etc. I always position myself were I can  see the whole ice. The perfect spot (if it is available) is at center ice, up from the ice about medium height where you can see into the corners.  Now this positioning is not going to happen all the time.  It may be up high in the corners, or next to center ice. If i have to be down close to the boards then i try to raise my tripod as high as i can, the higher the better. I always put myself on a small ladder or stool to film from - hockey is about the worst sport in the world to film if you are down by the boards with one camera. Once I have found my location, I always shoot the game in thirds. Filming too far back is like looking at ants, I always make sure i can see the play developing but also, too, that the public at home can see who has the puck, etc..  this is first of many blogs in which I will be talking about how to film sports.
See my hockey video example below