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Sports Recruitment Video

  • We can shoot one player during a game or edit key plays out of the team’s video to help create scholarships, which can then be used for effective college recruitment.

  • IH Video Productions can follow you from game to game to capture the entire season or videotape a few key games throughout the season.

  • Invite us out to shoot your games or provide us with your previously shot footage. We’ll edit together a concise video package that will help you pursue the scholarship you really want.

  • We also give you and the universities /colleges you choose, their own video links where they can watch the videos, game by game or play by play without going through a stack of DVDs

                                                                                                                              Find high ground when we can

  As a spectator, it might be more exciting to watch the game from as close to the field or court as possible, but that angle doesn’t give audiences the best view of the action. When     you’re too close the field, the space between you and the other end of the field is too compressed, creating a problem of special relations. When you’re in person, you’re seeing the game in three-dimensions, which makes special relationships more obvious.

       But 2D images start to become confusing and the audience doesn’t know how far away one player is from another. This makes it difficult for the view to follow the game.

Instead, the best perspective you can film from is as high as possible (the top of the bleachers or “crows nest” if you can). This creates the most top-down view of the court or field. By doing this, the special relationships from one player to another are more even and not distorted by the camera lens. Imagine a coach strategizing with his/her players; he or she will    most likely sketch from a top-down view of the court or field. If they’re to analyze the game, the best video footage will emulate this view as closely as possible.

We get as high as possible when filming any sporting event any were from 10 - 25 feet in the air depending were we are located for filming.


The following is what we do to make sure that your recruitment video is properly put together.

1.  Because we have been doing this for a very long time, we know what coaches are looking for in your sport.  However, it is still very important for you to have complete communication with them to find out exactly what they want to see. Video is important and the coaches will not only want to see your best plays, but also your positioning .

2.  We produce high quality HD video footage. The quality of your recruiting video is very important. It needs to be crisp and clear. We use up to date professional HD cameras along with high end Manfrotto professional smooth head tripods.

3.  At the beginning of the video we do a introduction including your photo, what team you play for, jersey number, position, team colors and the number you are wearing along with your athletic statistics and GPA, scores etc. 

4. Your recruiting video will be 5 to 7 minutes long – coaches will ask for more film once they are interested with your initial recruiting video.

5. We clearly identify you … there are many options to show who you are in the video – for example, stop the video at the beginning and use an arrow to identify you, or use spot shadows, spot highlights, etc.  Coaches don't have time to review an entire game so we take our time to identify all plays that need to be edited in.  

6. We do not recommend to add music – this video is intended for recruiting; music is a turn off for most coaches.

7. We can upload your video to your personal YouTube channel,  Vimeo etc. Do ask the coaches what format they prefer to watch the videos on . From our experience most coaches want a HD video file, not DVDS .


 Showing your Personality.

I think this is the most overlooked tip. If you've got a dynamite sense of humor, let it show! Don't go overboard obviously, but it's important to show coaches that you're the type of player they will love coaching and your teammates will love playing with. Also, don't be afraid to show failure. Failure is a huge part of competitive sports, and if you can show coaches that you respond well to failure, you will definitely stand out.

Most recruiting videos are nothing but the best highlights. Coaches appreciate it if you show yourself missing a free throw, then immediately playing pressure defense that causes a turnover. What type of player are you? After watching your video, coaches should be able to answer this question.


Sport Recruitment Price List

Single Athlete

2 Game Package with us filming and editing


3 Game Package with us filming and editing


5 games with us filming and editing



Filming a single sporting event.

$175.00 a game. 


Also note we do money saving packages if more than one athlete

  ( Please ask for further Details )

Everything filmed and edited HD 4k



See our Sports video Portfolio here





     Coaching More Effectively

 Use the power of video to enhance your coaching results.

Review key plays, successes and errors, to make the players play better

Ask for details

Everything filmed in HD 4k



Make Your Banquet Something To Remember:

Hire IH Video Productions to produce and edit any amateur footage you may have into an exciting, fun video
that everyone will enjoy, shown on a big screen, with plenty of highlights, effects and music to show at your end of season banquet.

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Everything filmed in HD




We Webcast Live Sporting Events:

Are you interested in webcasting a sporting event professionally?  We supply all of the professional equipment necessary. 
We use professional 3-chip HD 4k cameras for clarity , a professional mixing board to hook up microphones for clear natural live sounds of the game,
a broadcast interview wireless microphone to catch those pre game and post game interviews. 
We also can supply 2 comfortable professional intercom headsets for any announcers.


Why Webcast?

It’s all about getting your message across to a wider audience – consider it your own TV channel on which you
are able to deliver live coverage to a potentially global audience .



Using IH Video Productions can help you reap the following benefits:

It’s live! – We can deliver a Sports Tournament, or just a single game  in real time, as it happens, without any delay.

No limits – events can run as long as necessary, as they are not limited to TV scheduling, DVD/video length.

Cost – webcasting content is cheaper than using commercial television transmission platforms such as satellite.

Security – using registration or password mechanisms, we can either restrict content to known users, or capture valuable marketing information from your viewers.

Marketing – Sporting event organisers can use streaming media to drive visitors to their website,
and strong branding messages can be easily integrated in to the viewing experience.

Parents watch – Parents that cannot travel to their kids tournament or games.

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Watch our video Sports Portfolio here


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