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IH Video Productions specializes in the finest quality videotaping of dance recitals plays concerts or any theatrical performance using state of the art video and sound equipment.
Our experience in capturing live events has prepared us for mastering the challenges involved in capturing “live” events. We have been a professional video  production company in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland since 1999



Picture Quality

We use only the latest in professional quality high definition digital video equipment giving you the best picture possible.
Our professional cameras adapt to the changes in the colour and brightness of stage lighting.


Audio Quality

Capturing audio from the music, tap dancing, and audience applause requires multiple microphones blended together at the appropriate levels for optimum sound.
The audio equipment we use provides the cleanest sound available.


Camera Workmanship

Videotaping recitals requires more than simple operation of a camera.
Each camera operator is responsible for a specific portion of the routine (ex. wide shots of the entire stage or close ups of each dancer).


We provide:

  • A minimum of two professional, high quality high definition cameras with trained operators

  • Professional sound equipment including audio mixer multiple microphones to obtain the best sound possible including music, tap, audience clapping, etc.

  • Fully edited with dvd's or HD mobile friendly files.


Pricing Options

1. We can sell directly to the Parents School does not have to pay anything

2. We can sell directly to the school were every participant would get a HD file or DVD depending on how many students you have

3. We can also create any special custom packages that you might have in mind.

Please do contact us for further details.


Watch our Dance Videos here


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