INTRODUCTION & Sony BMBR300 remote control unit

Hi there! Welcome to our new website and our video production blog. A quick update - we are getting our first 4k camera next week!  
IH Video Productions just finished up on a very large webcasting project in Burnaby, BC .

We've also been using the Sony BMBR300 remote control unit - here is the link: ( ).
It is very touchy, the zoom in and out is very nice, it is the panning that you have to watch.
You just have to very lightly touch the toggle control left to right, right to left or up and down so it does not pan too fast. 
There is a definite art to it and it took us a bit to get used to it . You can program all the shots you want on the number key pad which is very helpful.
You first use the toggle to get the shot you want, example zoom in out side to side up and down and focus.
There is a manual or auto or manually focus which can be found on the key board and in the menu.
Everything in the menu is what you would have on a pro camcorder, white balance, exposure, color correction, iris etc.
If you ever have the chance to work with one of these I highly recommend it , but first take a day to practice with it .