1. Equipment: While you may have all of your equipment gathered, it needs to be prepped shot by shot. This includes a shot list and all coordinating equipment, such as lights, stands, backdrops, etc.

2. Human Component: Gathering equipment and creating your shot list may seem easy compared with organizing all of the people needed to make your video shoot day run smoothly. Be sure that each person involved knows their specific duty,  Shoot days can be long, but if everyone has a place to rest and recharge, they can maintain the energy needed for the whole day.

3. Location:  You’ve found the ideal location for your shoot.  Visit your location at different times of day to get to know how the light changes and how noisy it may be at different times of day. If you are shooting downtown , you may want to know what kind of noises you have to deal with . If you are shooting inside make sure the entire room is sound proofed especially if you are doing a infomercial so there is no echo noise  . These are details you need to know before shoot day so that you can easily work around them rather than become stressed as they happen unexpectedly.

4. Creativity : Visiting your location a few times is not only necessary for planning, but can be great source of creative inspiration. Thinking through your shot list while at your location can lead to new ideas that may not happen while sitting in the office.

5. Stuff can Happen: You can plan, plan, and plan some more, but remember that stuff happens. You can be prepared for a lot of it, but not all. Doing the four steps listed will remove many variables ahead of time, allowing your shoot day to be 95% perfect. That 5% accounts for things that we just can’t predict.