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IH Video Productions  is a full-service video production that produces professional quality videos in  Vancouver BC and the Lower Mainland since 1999


The Owner - Daniel Upsdell

Daniel Upsdell of IH Video Productions  is a graduate of the Vancouver Film School and he worked behind the scenes in the local film industry for several years.
He became a full time business owner/video producer and videographer when he founded IH Video Productions in 1999.


The Company

IH Video Productions  offers highly customized and personal service to all of our clients.
By working closely with our clients, we ensure that the finished video is a unique reflection of each event.
We work very closely  with you on any special requests you may have.

Our Video Production Cameras

We have a total of 3 professional  high definition 4k video cameras.  Besides being HD, they have easily accessible manual options allowing us to compensate for
different lighting situations and fluctuating sound, and are supported by professional Manfrotto tripods.


Audio Production Equipment

50% of video is audio. That might surprise some people but it's true. Without good audio an otherwise great video can be left undesirable.
That is why we have invested heavily in audio equipment including handheld and shotgun mics,  wireless Sennheiser mics, and other audio capture equipment.



On camera lighting - We use a very nice LED light that can help fill in ugly shadows. A camera light is a nice accessory to have especially in a run n gun style shoot where you might not have time for a full 3-point lighting set-up.

Three-Point Lighting Kit - We can also use alighting kit if you're planning to do a lot of shooting inside for example commercials corporate or instructional videos    . Creating a well lit scene usually involves a 3-way lighting set-up. 


Post - Production Equipment

After the footage is shot and captured, our high-powered computers gets to work editing in 4k/1080p format for the highest quality possible. 
For our editing suite we use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects being the most important components of an impressive editing suite.

We produce everything Digitally onto files.





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